The MIL Update

The Myles and Ruth Munroe Foundation has resumed the mandate of fulfilling its purpose by executing the vision of the late Dr. Myles Munroe with the eager anticipation of launching its first online course in Summer of 2022. This initiative began in February of this year, with the addition of our curriculum development managers to The Munroe Institute of Leadership team.

The first two months of this undertaking have evoked an array of emotions, feelings and challenges. Though a privilege of a lifetime, there is a great weight on the shoulders of our curriculum developers to deliver a superior product to match the life-changing content of the late Dr. Myles Munroe that will deliver the primary objective of “transforming followers into leaders & leaders into agents of change.”

Phase I of the project began with Listening & Learning from the core team of The Myles & Ruth Munroe Foundation Board & family. Through their sessions, the developers were impressed that each person is a walking testimony of someone that had an encounter with the teachings of Dr. Munroe and is now walking in a life of purpose. Each listening & learning session was a testimony of an individual who discovered their purpose, unlocked their potential, and now has a concerted desire to replicate their experience on a global scale, and truly bring the vision of Dr. Munroe and the promises of God to pass.

The developers have learned that the desired outcome for the curriculum at hand is one that is unembellished, honest, free of manipulation and has a widespread reach to include the marginalized and overlooked just as much as those who may already hold positions of leadership over the world.

During Phase II, the developers will launch a Beta Course: Introduction to Purpose, this is where [you] our faithful community comes in! We welcome those who are interested to be a part of this phase as course testers by signing up here.

We are excited to serve each of you and have you here with us on this journey!


Join us in welcoming our curriculum designers to the team!


April Elizabeth Finlayson was cross-culturally raised and educated between the United States, Canada and The Bahamas. Her fervent commitment to educational equity, reimagining education and designing uniquely curated educational experiences for youth, and the young at heart, are rooted in her core values. April completed her undergraduate degree in International Development Studies, Political Science and Management from McGill University and is currently a Doctorate of Education Leadership (Ed. L.D.) candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she also earned her Master’s Degree (Ed. M) in Mind, Brain and Education.  Read More


Jurelle Mullings is a multifaceted entrepreneur, administrator and founder and CEO of the Ballin’ By Da Beach organization. She has been a dynamic force in the advancement of youth through Business, Education, and Sports Training (BEST) initiatives. Jurelle holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from East Tennessee State University, a Master’s of Education in Post- Secondary Education from Salisbury University, a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management from North Carolina A&T State University, and an Associate of Arts in Business Administration from Miami Dade College. Read More

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