We Are Grateful For Your Support (Hurricane Relief Update)

We are continually grateful for the continued support we are receiving in our Hurricane Dorian Relief efforts. To date, we have raised $77,044 along with tons of food items, clothing, and other basic supplies. Thank you for answering the call. Your support allows us to continue to assist our brothers and sisters in need.

We wanted to update you on our most recent Hurricane Dorian efforts.


  • The Myles & Ruth Munroe Foundation has assisted with the housing of twenty families thus far throughout the island of Nassau, Bahamas. All of the individuals that we have assisted were displaced from Abaco, Bahamas due to the storm. We are glad to have had the opportunity to meet, speak with and assist these twenty families with housing. Due to the generosity of many, they will not have to worry about rental payments for the next three to six months. This is one of our main initiatives and there are still hundreds of families that need assistance. We will continue our housing placement initiative and encourage you to please continue to donate as we try to bring some normalcy back to these families.
  • We have shipped various supplies to the Islands of Grand Bahama and New Providence, and all of those supplies will go towards individuals and families directly affected by Hurricane Dorian. We have been able to provide food, clothing, cleaning supplies and other basic needs. We have also been able to provide generators to some families in Grand Bahama who are still without power.
  • The MRM Foundation has partnered with Mrs. Melissa Ellis, Founder and Director of Life Beyond Water. Our goal was to provide portable drinking filters that can clean up to 250 gallons of water per day, per filter. We are happy to say that alongside  Life Beyond Water, we donated 100 water filters to Bahamas Faith Ministries International Freeport. We hand-delivered the filters and were able to meet and greet some of the individuals and families affected by the storm.
  • We will be delivering food and basic household supplies to three of the children’s homes in Nassau, Bahamas on a monthly basis for the next 12 months. These supplies will ensure that all of the kids, including the additional kids that were placed in the homes due to the aftermath of the storm, are adequately provided for during this time.

As stated, our Foundation is committed to the long term recovery efforts. We know that the road to rebuilding will take years but we will do our best to ensure that our brothers and sisters are able to get back to some sort of normalcy as quickly as possible.

Please continue to donate with the assurance that 100% of your donations will go to the individuals and families that need them the most.

Thank you.

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