The Myles & Ruth Munroe Foundation and The Student Leadership Department of University of The Bahamas have partnered together and are committed to hosting the Myles Munroe Leadership Lecture on an annual basis.

The purpose of The Myles Munroe Leadership Lecture Series is to make an investment into the University of The Bahamas’ future student leaders in honor of the legacy of Dr. Myles Munroe as we have identified a need to expose budding students to national and global leadership principles, concepts and best practices.

The Leadership Lecture Series was originally designed for Dr. Munroe to address student leaders at the then College of the Bahamas now University of the Bahamas, and it would then be reinforced with Dr. Munroe’s books which are required reading in institutions and Governments across the globe.

The main issues we want to address are:

  1. The lack of focus on the development of the leader within each student.
  2. The need for the development of individual leadership skills.

To encourage more students at the University of The Bahamas to identify and become the leaders they were destined to be.


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