Dr. Myles Munroe was, and still is a treasure to leaders around the world. His legacy lives on in every individual and organization he touched. The Myles and Ruth Munroe Foundation’s desire is to create a first class Institute that will inspire and train future generations with Dr. Munroe’s ideas and ideals. We know that all he espoused makes individuals, organizations and societies thrive.

Imagine an Institute that releases its students with full knowledge of their life’s purpose and the equipping to achieve that purpose. Imagine an Institute that is globally known for empowering people and nations to realize their God-given potential.

Our intent in everything we do is the exact same as Dr. Munroe…to transform followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change. The institute, we believe, is at the center of how we will impact generations to come.

The Myles and Ruth Munroe Foundation has been set up so that those who want to partner in the Munroe legacy can give through a tax-deductible vehicle. The Foundation will help capitalize The Institute and also youth development programs, mentorships, scholarships, and other causes.

The Munroe Institute, with the addition of our curriculum development managers to the Munroe Institute team, has resumed its mandate of fulfilling its purpose by executing the vision of the late Dr. Myles Munroe.

Phase I of the project began with Listening & Learning from the core team of The Myles and Ruth Munroe Foundation Board & family. Through their sessions, the developers were impressed that each person is a walking testimony of someone that had an encounter with the teachings of Dr. Munroe and are now walking in a life of purpose. Each listening & learning session was a testimony of an individual who has discovered their purpose, unlocked their potential, and now have a concerted desire to replicate their experience on a global scale, and truly bring the vision of Dr. Munroe, and the promises of God to pass. 

The developers have learned that the desired outcome for the curriculum at hand is one that is unembellished, honest, free of manipulation and has a widespread reach to include the marginalized and overlooked just as much as those who may already hold positions of leadership over their worlds. During Phase II, the developers will launch a Beta Course: Introduction to Purpose.

We are excited to serve and have you here with us on this journey!

Curriculum Development Team

April Elizabeth

April Elizabeth was cross-culturally raised and educated between the United States, Canada and The Bahamas. Her fervent commitment to educational equity, reimagining education and designing uniquely curated educational experiences for youth, and the young at heart, are rooted in her core values and personal traverse through K-12 education.

In 2009, shortly after completing her undergraduate degree in International Development Studies, Political Science and Management from McGill University– while working as a youth leader and community organizer–April recognized grave impediments in the Bahamian education system. Raised with a keen sense of social responsibility she immediately committed to be a part of the solution and founded The Leadership Academy. 

This commitment has led to the development of nearly a dozen innovative schools, numerous educational programs and a collaborative network of schools dedicated to the holistic humanizing development of learners and families, student agency and empowerment. 

April’s students and graduates have gone on to international and national renown in social impact, athleticism, entertainment and entrepreneurship. April is an education leader and entrepreneur with a passion for out-of the box solutions. She is a Doctorate of Education Leadership (Ed. L.D.) student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she also earned her Master’s Degree in Mind, Brain and Education.

Letre Sweeting

My name is Letre Sweeting. I was born at Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau, Bahamas on December 8th, 1995. As a child, I was encouraged everyday to journal. I hated it at first, but it was in doing so everyday that I realized my passion for writing. Since then, I have studied at The Leadership Academy, Holland College and am currently pursuing a degree in English from Indiana University, all while working in the education sector in The Bahamas.

I have discovered that there are many different kinds of children who learn in different ways and find joy in different things and they should not all be treated or regarded in the same way. My professional goal with my current role as Curriculum Developer with the Myles & Ruth Munroe Foundation is to assist in creating a system for learning that transcends the bounds of our traditional and archaic Bahamian schools and broadens the spectrum to one that makes room for joy, fun, creativity, and the practical real world applications and demonstrations more so than the theoretical one-note lectures and declarations. 


If you would like to know a little more about me, here are a few of my favorite things, listed below:

  • Color: Purple
  • Season: Winter
  • Holiday: Christmas
  • Food: French Macarons
  • Drinks: Vita Malt & Apple Juice
  • Books: Airhead Series, Septimus Heap Series & Wuthering Heights
  • Fictional Characters: Blair Waldorf, Iris West-Allen, Nathan Young & Jay Kulina
  • TV series/Movie: Superman (in all its adaptions) & Pride and Prejudice
  • Music: I love and have favorites in all genres of music 
  • Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Singing Karaoke & Binge-watching tv series

Jurelle Mullings

Jurelle Mullings is a multifaceted entrepreneur, administrator and founder and CEO of the Ballin’ By Da Beach organization. She has been a dynamic force in the advancement of youth through Business, Education, and Sports Training (BEST) initiatives. As a leader in sports administration, Jurelle currently serves as the Secretary General of the Bahamas Basketball Federation where she is the first female to hold this esteemed position.

Motivated by the desire to level the playing field of community economics and molded by the sports environment of her own youth, Jurelle believes that people can be the best versions of themselves and achieve significance once they understand and embrace the purpose and power they possess. 

Jurelle holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from East Tennessee State University, a Master’s of Education in Post-Secondary Education from Salisbury University, a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management from North Carolina A&T State University, and an Associate of Arts in Business Administration from Miami Dade College.

Jurelle is a proud member of the illustrious Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc., the proud wife of Marco Mullings and proud mother of Makari, Makiyah, Taye-Marie,  and Tyler Mullings.

Samantha Francis-Wells

Mrs. Samantha Francis-Wells is a graduate of American Baptist Theological Seminary where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology and Social Science with Honors, and a Master of Art Degree in Sociology from Fisk University with Honors, both in Nashville Tennessee.

She obtained her LLB Degree (Bachelor of Law) from Holborn University in London and she went on to the Eugene Dupuch Law School where she studied for the CLE (Certificate of Legal Education). Though she has not been called to the Bar her knowledge of the law affords her the opportunity to speak to related matters confidently.

Mrs. Francis- Wells recognizes her twenty-two (22) years in Counseling as Ministry. As a counselor she has worked with administration, parents, students, college representative’s, social agencies, and other community partners in the areas of student development.

She is known for her passion for young people as she believes that every child has been given a gift and purpose by God, and as an educator it is an awesome calling to help them find their life path. Her specialty areas are School Counseling, Family and Juvenile matters, Career and College Preparedness.  She is the founder of a College Club Bahamas (CCB) which is her passion, and she works with more than eighty (80) students on a weekly basis.

Mrs. Francis- Wells is an Ordained Minister, and she is married to Pastor Cleveland D. X. Wells, and they have been blessed with two beautiful young ladies Cateleen and Catherine Wells. Together they are the Pastors of Restoration Kingdom Ministries Assemblies of God.

She is the second child of four daughters born to the proud parents of Wellington and Grace Francis. They are her life mentors and her best friends.

She has been described by many of her students as “an inspiration that has impacted them, contributing to the success they have today”. For her, education is a calling and a gift to help every student to know that they are,” the authors of their own life story” (Author Unknown).