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Education Initiatives
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Education Inititatives

The Foundation will work to bring the Munroe’s core message to individuals and groups that might not ever be exposed because of lack of funding or forces that would seek to oppress their potential. 

The foundation plans to secure a scholarship fund of that will be used to support the education, training and personal development of our next generational leaders from the high-school level to a master’s-level educational program. We will ascertain the needs of individuals that seek to better themselves personally to make contribution to their communities and society at large.

Our hope is to have individuals participate in the Leadership Adoption Program (LAP) and be able to provide monetary scholarships from the foundation in their quest for a higher education. Each year a selection committee will provide 10 individuals, for starters, from the LAP who have excelled academically and/or shown leadership ability in their respective communities, a chance to obtain scholarship grants on behalf of the foundation. These grants will include but are not limited to covering the cost of:

  • Tuition
  • Text books
  • Meal Plans
  • Accommodations

Leadership Adoption

The foundation is created out of a passionate heart for people; and people are who we are created to serve. The Leadership Adoption Program (LAP) is a program geared towards mentoring the next generation, but from an early age so that their character begins to form and get stronger with time. The foundation believes that with all the gifts and talents that we posses as individuals the most important trait to have is one of good character. We strongly believe that although our abilities allow us to become successful, it is our character that determines the sustainability of that success. The founders, the board and the selected partners of the foundation will mentor and train our young leaders in a very unique way. We will offer opportunities such as:

  • Leadership from a servant level through community services
  • Opportunity to attend various youth leadership and personal development seminars, programs, conferences and the like.
  • A chance to be paired with Leaders in various fields of leadership and have hands on experience and interaction
    • A key part to this aspect of the program will involve the chance to travel and experience different countries and cultures around the world to provide maximum and exposure and experience. Participants in this part of the program will have shown a high level or maturity and character and would have been apart of the LAP for at least 18 months.

Leadership Guidance

In fulfilling our goal of creating change agents, the foundation will partner with organizations that share our core values and host or attend seminars or other training programs to facilitate this development of leaders. We will establish a Leadership Guidance Program that will train, teach, create and inspire individuals who affect tangible change in their local communities and communities around the world. The Leadership Guidance Program (LGP) will involve one-day to three-day seminars (training events) in cities around the world focusing on leadership and personal development and economic empowerment for women and men of all ages.

LGP will have forums and panels with international trailblazers such as social activists, innovators, and entrepreneurs, including the foundation’s board of directors and advisory board members. Leaders will encourage and inspire attendees to discover their purpose and maximize their greatest potential. This exchange of ideas and networking opportunity will lay the foundation for improved personal development and sustainability.

Community Partnerships

The foundation will partner with both businesses and community organizations to provide life essentials for targeted third-world communities. One of our core values centers on a belief that each person is uniquely gifted to become an asset to their communities and our world with the proper encouragement and guidance.

We acknowledge, however, that it is harder for one to identify his greatness if he’s hungry or worried about basic life essentials. Partnering with Corporations will help to provide financial support and human resources providing the basic essentials for human survival.

The foundation will partner with these organizations on a global scale in networks that have been established by Dr. and Mrs. Munroe. We want to continue to expand these relationships and grow our networks on a scale where it will be recognized on a international level.

Special Projects

With a heart for people the foundation knows that there is a constant need to help and assist individuals and communities on a regular basis, but especially when disaster strikes. Living in the Caribbean and other parts of the world we are prone to experiencing natural disasters that can alter the status of a country and it’s citizens in a flash. Therefore, The Myles & Ruth Munroe Foundation has established a Disaster Relief Fund to support and help those individuals in need throughout the Bahamas or any country during these devastating times. The foundation partners with the many relief organizations that assist us in getting funds and supplies directly where they need to be.
We encourage you to assist us in our efforts by making a donation today to our Disaster Relief Fund. There is no amount too little or no donation too irrelevant. Always remember that the life you help today may be the life that helps you tomorrow.

Legal Info

The Myles & Ruth Munroe Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the State of Florida.

Contact Info

Phone:  242-808-6864 (BAH)
               305-330-6440 (USA)