The Munroe Institute will be a first-class institute built on the ideas, ideals, and philosophy espoused by Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe. The goal of The Munroe Institute is to take the message to new audiences in new ways. 

To ensure that future, it will take many individuals, including you, as well as multiple organizations to carry that baton.

Dr. Munroe had an amazing capacity to create content and we seek to maximize the use of that content. Our desire is to partner with the right academic institution that can bring a large audience, a growth-oriented environment, a sense of accountability and effectiveness, and most of all a vision for spreading such an important message.

  •  A day when a comprehensive curriculum exists so that anyone and everyone can learn from sources that are true to Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe’s teachings.  We will build a curriculum that speaks to every level of students – all around the world. 
  • A day when the best and brightest students in the world come through The Munroe Institute and are introduced to individuals that are equipped to carry on the mentoring relationships Dr. Munroe was so fond of.  That is how we create the next generation of leaders. 
  • A day when a university can embrace the Kingdom Leadership teachings in a trans-disciplinary fashion from one school to another covering every topic and every degree.
  • There is one central location to visit, along with other partnering campuses around the world.
  • A day when every person in the world can access Dr. Munroe’s content from a searchable and user-friendly database that will hopefully impact lives.